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Toast with Us on This New Adventure: Sakura™ Winery

Welcome to Sakura Winery, where we are all about savoring the moment!

Between work, family and trying to get dinner on the table, you barely have a free moment. Time flies by, and you worry you’re missing out on important moments. We’ve been there. Too much rushing. Too little enjoying. 

At Sakura Winery, we’re giving you permission to hit pause and pour a great-tasting glass of wine.

Of course you don’t need our permission. [We’re not your mom!] But you might need a reminder to slow down. Honestly, who doesn’t need that reminder at times? So, think of us as a gentle nudge to sip and savor

Life is short, and you deserve to enjoy every moment, every celebration, every gathering with people you love. 

That’s why we’re making wines at our small family vineyard and winery located in Livermore Valley in California. We want our wines to taste great and we want them to be part of your celebrations – big and small. 

Our Journey...

Savoring the moment isn’t just a tagline for Sakura Winery. It’s our personal motto. 

We spent our entire careers up until 2021 as full-time engineers in the Silicon Valley, Tim as a biomedical engineer and Jennifer as a satellite orbit analyst.

So how in the world did we end up owning a vineyard? Great question! We’re both fourth-generation California residents and love beautiful Northern California. We enjoyed our engineering work, but kept feeling a pull towards a different way of life where we could appreciate California’s beauty every day. We started searching north of Silicon Valley for a forever home where we could raise our daughter and host family gatherings, and the moment we stepped onto a 5-acre vineyard on Mines Road in Livermore, we were home! 

Now, Jennifer works 3-4 days a week at her engineering job and all the rest of her time managing Sakura Vineyard and Winery. Tim continues to work full time in biomedical research and development and takes care of the vineyard and winery operations in the evenings and on weekends.

So, here we are making wine, sipping, savoring – and helping you do the same. 

Cheers! Be sure to shop our selection of award-winning wines here. Connect with us on Instagram @sakurawinery for behind-the-scenes pics of our winery and plenty of inspiration for how you can savor the moment!