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Sip and Savor: The Sakura Winery Story

In a recent blog post, we introduced you to our Sakura Winery brand and shared a little of our backstory.  ICYMI: read that post here.

We also wanted to share a bit more about how Sakura came to be. 

First: “What does ‘sakura’ mean?” We get that question a lot.

Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese. For us, it’s a reminder to cherish each moment. When the cherry blossoms bloom, their delicate beauty is gorgeous … and short-lived. The blossoms only last for about one week. 

The ephemeral nature and fleeting beauty of the sakura remind us to embrace life and appreciate the time we have because it won’t last forever. 

Savor the moment 2

The inspiration for the Sakura brand came from Jennifer’s personal struggles after her mom passed away.  In honor of her mom, Jennifer vowed to live in the moment. Little moments. Big moments. And, every moment in between.

So, that’s our motto for life and for Sakura Winery – savor the moment! 

And while we’re learning the ins and outs of growing grapes and producing wine, we’re making sure to enjoy the journey.

One very important person who helps us to savor these moments is our winemaking director and vineyard manager Peter Murphy. He is a master in this field. Peter graduated with a degree in fermentation science from UC Davis and has worked in many aspects of the wine industry.  We couldn’t do this without him! 

And, so, here we are: sipping and savoring on our small family winery in Livermore, California. The more we build our business and our team, the more excited we become about what’s in store for us – and for you, our customers. 

We really want Sakura Winery to be associated with savoring the moment, enjoying life, and cherishing the people and places you love. 


Photo of winery