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You deserve to enjoy every moment, every celebration, every gathering with people you love.

Aphelion Wines by Sakura Winery

Our award-winning Aphelion™ wines are finely structured and well-balanced, and help remind us that we are all together on this journey around the sun.  Aphelion is the point in a planet’s orbit around the sun when it is farthest from the sun.  For everyone on earth, this occurs at the beginning of July each year.

Your to-do list can wait.

This moment can’t.

We understand that between work, family and all your other obligations, you barely have a free moment. Time flies by and you worry you’re missing out on important moments. 
At Sakura Winery, we provide the perfect compliment to hitting pause and savoring the moment. 
Pause, Sip, Savor!

Hi, we're Jennifer and Tim.

We’re a small family vineyard and winery located in Livermore Valley. We grow Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in our vineyard, along with a small amount of Petit Verdot, and handcraft all of our wines in small lots.

The inspiration for Sakura Winery came from Jennifer’s mom who fully embraced life and lived in each moment.  Little moments, big moments, and every moment in between. “Sakura” means cherry blossoms in Japanese. The ephemeral nature and fleeting beauty of the sakura is a beautiful reminder to embrace life and appreciate each moment.

So, pour a glass of Sakura wine to celebrate a special occasion or random Tuesday.  Whatever the moment, savor it to the fullest.  Cheers!

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