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How to Have a Relaxing Holiday Season

Wondering how to have a relaxing holiday season this year? We hear you!

Sometimes the joy of the holidays can get replaced with stress. This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year and yet many of us end up just feeling overwhelmed. Do you ever hear yourself saying, “I have so much to do!” or “I just need to survive the holiday season!”?

You deserve to enjoy this time of year rather than simply survive it. Here’s our list of DOs and DON'Ts to help you slow down and truly enjoy. It's okay to give yourself full permission to hit pause and savor the moment.

3 DON'Ts for Having a Relaxing Holiday

Don't Overcommit
Don't Overpressure
Don't Overindulge

1. Don’t Overcommit. It’s okay to say “No.” You don’t have to attend every holiday party. You don’t have to bring homemade cookies to every event. You don’t have to take your family to every holiday play, light show and festival. Pick what you truly want to do and say “yes” to those.

2. Don’t Overpressure. We often roll into the holiday season with sky-high expectations for ourselves. Decide which activities truly bring you joy during this season. If it’s baking, great! If you hate wrapping, gift bags all the way! Cut yourself some slack and don’t feel compelled to do all.the.things.

3. Don’t Overindulge. It’s pretty easy to feel the need to go overboard during the holidays, especially when it comes to gift-giving. We might feel pressure to buy for too many people. Or to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list. It’s perfectly fine to give yourself a break and shorten that list, or to give several people on your list similar things; consumables are great for this.

Another way to lessen your shopping load while adding quality time together with friends is to give experiences, such as having someone over for coffee or taking them out to lunch. Planning something in the new year works too–you’ll both have something to look forward to and it won’t take away from your holiday prep time now.

Bonus: We have one-bottle and three-bottle wine gift boxes that would make great consumable gifts!

3 DOs for Having a Relaxing Holiday

Do Play
Do Party
Do Pause

1. Do Play. Why should kids have all the fun during the holidays? Pull out the board games, go ice skating or do whatever fills you with the childlike wonder of the season.

2. Do Party. It’s all about the time you spend with the ones you love, not how fancy your house looks or how many different kinds of gourmet foods you make. Abandon holiday-hosting expectations and just have fun! Open a bottle of our Aphelion wines. Sip and savor!

3. Do Pause. This really is our favorite. Here at Sakura Winery, we’re all about hitting pause and savoring the moment. Especially during the holiday season, you deserve to enjoy every moment, every celebration, every gathering with people you love. Avoid getting caught up in the expectations or “shoulds.”

Take a breath and soak up this season. Watch your favorite holiday movie. Sit on your couch in the dark basking in the twinkling lights of your decorations. Make a mess baking cookies and don’t worry about the kitchen.

What if instead of feeling exhausted, you felt refreshed and excited. Imagine having plenty of energy to really celebrate the season! Now, that’s a holiday to-do we can get behind!